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How to Order

...Ordering in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Submit A Pricing Inquiry

Download and complete the Pricing Inquiry form found on the WhispeGLYDE home page or by clicking           . Then, save the file and send it to

Step 2: Receive and Approve Quotation

You will receive a quotation form. If the quote is satisfactory, complete and sign the information box in the bottom left. Then, scan the form and send it back to us at

Step 3: Payment & Receiving Your Order 

Payment is required prior to shipment by PayPal or Credit Card.  You will receive an email invoice to pay online.


Your order will arrive by USPS along with installation instructions and a User Guide.

Step 4: Installing Your Order 

For help installing your new products, please visit the video and PDF guides located in the Installation Guides page at, or by clicking            .

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