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”After installing the TRIAX WhisperGLYDE® Quiet trolleys in conjunction with our Solo Step S.O.S. system, I was amazed at how quiet our balance center became.  No more roaring, clanking or droning, all of which can distract a balance patient as well as make for an unpleasant work environment.  We are very pleased with our purchase and heartily recommend this product.”

                                                                                                                           Brian J. Sganga, Attorney/Owner

                                                                                                                           FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers

                                                                                                                           Lake City, Florida

The WhisperGLYDE® system was specifically designed and engineered to minimize noise while providing the most efficient trolley movement for the highest quality patient experience and therapy center working environment.  Designed to work with FYZICAL® balance center SoloStep® and Guldmann® rail systems, the WhisperGLYDE® trolley and tether are a direct retrofit.  Noise cancelling wheels with soft tyres ensure that the system glides efficiently along the tracks without the harmonic resonance that has been known to elicit complaints from patients and neighboring businesses.

Integrated Swivel

WhisperGLYDE® is designed to provide your clients with confidence and peace of mind as they receive their therapy, without the distraction of inconsistent movement of the tether and the high ambient noise that could cause them to lose focus; therapy of mind and body.

Constructed from aviation grade materials, WhisperGLYDE® trolleys also feature low friction bearings and bushings that provide 360 degrees of mobility to patients and durable, quiet, trouble free functionality.

StaticPOINT® Caster Swivel

ErgoEASY T-Handle

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Trolley's for Guldmann™ Rail

Brand Triumph 2017

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