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Founded in 2015, TRIAX Precision Manufacturing, LLC  uses advanced software and process controls to maintain World Class quality of service and manufacturing precision.   Following a period of rapid growth, TRIAX was acquired in 2020 by the Sarasota based LaMore Group.  We continually enhance operations by increasing machining capacity, and adding engineering, welding and assembly capabilities to be a full-source manufacturing partner.   Our Technology Group offers advanced mechanical engineering capabilities and 3D prototyping services.

In addition to high capacity CNC Milling and Turning centers, TRIAX offers a full suite of support operations.  As a single point of contact, TRIAX will supply parts with post process heat or surface treatment, and offers laser etched part numbering and marking.  Employing a Lean Manufacturing / 6S mentality, we pride ourselves on timely delivery of precision machined aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, polymer and composite materials.  

TRIAX can manage your project from concept, design, prototyping and validation to pre-production and serial manufacturing. With a focus on precision and quality, a dedicated internal quality lab will ensure parts consistently meet specification.



Strategically located in a modern, climate controlled facility in Sarasota, Florida with a highly experienced management team, TRIAX serves a wide array of markets.ood font for creating page titles with impact.

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